Associate Members of the Galvanizers Association

Suppliers and Service Companies to producers of galvanized steel sheet or pipe

Company NameCompany Website URLCountry
ABB Inc. ABB Inc. Canada
ADS Machinery Corp. ADS Machinery Corp. USA
AIST Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) USA
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, Corp. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, Corp. USA
Alloy Engineering Alloy Engineering USA
AMEPA America Inc. AMEPA America Inc. USA
ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc. ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc. USA
Andritz Metals Inc. Andritz USA
Armstrong Kover Kwick, Inc. AKKINC.COM USA
ASB Industries Inc. ASB Industries Inc. USA
Atlantech Process Technology, Inc Atlantech Process Technology, Inc USA
Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. USA
BASF Chemetall BASF Chemetall USA
Black Bros. Co. Black Bros. Co. USA
Bloom Engineering Company, Inc. Bloom Engineering Company, Inc. USA
Bronx International Pty, Ltd. Bronx Group Australia
Bulk Chemicals, Inc. Bulk Chemicals Inc. USA
Busch International Ceco Environmental USA
Ceramic Fiber Enterprises, Inc Ceramic Fiber Enterprises, Inc USA
Chiz Brothers Chiz Bros. USA
CIC Pittsburgh LLC CIC Pittsburgh USA
Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc. Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc. USA
Columbiana Boiler Company, LLC Columbiana Boiler Company USA
Crown Technology, Inc. Crown Technology USA
Danieli Corporation Danieli Corporation USA
Delta Centrifugal Corporation Delta Centrifugal USA
Drever International USA Drever International USA USA
DUMA-BANDZINK GmbH Duma-Bandzink Germany
Duraloy Technologies, Inc. Duraloy Technologies USA
Ebner Furnaces, Inc. Ebner Furnaces USA
Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH Ebner Furnaces Austria
Fitch Metals Engineering Fitch Metals Engineering Australia
Fives North American Combustion, Inc. Fives USA
Fives St. Corp. Fives USA
Fontaine Engineering GmbH Fontaine Engineering GmbH Germany
Fontaine Engineering Inc. Fontaine Engineering Inc. USA
GFG Peabody GFG Peabody USA
Glenmount Global Solutions Glenmount Global Solutions USA
GSI Technology, Inc. N/A USA
H+M Construction Company, Inc. H&M Company USA
Hatch IAS Hatch Australia
Henkel Corporation Henkel USA
Hudson Bay Metal Marketing Inc. Hudbay Minerals Canada
Hy-Dac Rubber Manufacturing Co. HY-DAC USA
IMS Systems Inc. IMS Systems Inc. USA
Induction Professionals, LLC Induction Professionals, LLC USA
Inductotherm Corporation Inductotherm Corporation USA
INDUGA GmbH & Co. KG INDUGA GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Integrated Mill Systems Integrated Mill Systems USA
ISRA VISION Parsytec Inc. ISRA VISION Parsytec Inc. USA
Itipack Systems Itipack Systems CA
J.K. Manufacturing Co. J.K. Manufacturing Co. USA
John Cockerill John Cockerill USA
Kubota Materials Canada Corp. Kubota Materials Canada Corp. Canada
Kuhn Special Steel North America Kuhn Special Steel North America USA
Kyocera International Inc. Kyocera International Inc. USA
Lamiflex Lamiflex USA
Mark One Corporation Mark One Corporation USA
Maryland Brush Company Maryland Brush Company USA
Masroll Systems Inc. Masroll Systems Inc. USA
McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies USA
Metropolitan Alloys Corp. Metropolitan Alloys Corporation USA
Minera Mexico Internacional, Inc. Minera Mexico Internacional, Inc. Mexico
Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc USA
NDC Technologies NDC Technologies USA
Newark Brush Company Newark Brush Company USA
Nexa Resources US, Inc Nexa Resources US, Inc USA
Objective Control Ltd. Objective Control Ltd. USA
Osborn Osborn USA
Other N/A USA
Peñoles Metals & Chemicals, Inc Peñoles Metals & Chemicals, Inc USA
POSJET - Hando Co., Ltd. POSJET - Hando Co., Ltd. South Korea
Powerhouse Controls Powerhouse Controls USA
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. USA
Precision Metals Controls, LLC Nireco Corporation USA
Primetals Technologies USA LLC Primetals Technologies USA LLC USA
Pro Tech Pro Tech USA
Pyro Air International Pyro Air International USA
Pyrotek, Inc. Pyrotek, Inc. USA
Quaker Houghton Quaker Houghton USA
Qual-Fab, Inc. Qual-Fab, Inc. USA
Quin Logic LLC Quin Logic LLC USA
Ritchey Metals Company Ritchey Metals Company USA
Rolled Alloys Rolled Alloys USA
Rolls Incorporated Rolls Incorporated USA
Schenk Vision Schenk Vision USA
SenTek Corporation SenTek Corporation USA
SMS Group, Inc. SMS Millcraft USA
Spooner Industries Spooner Industries USA
Star Tool & Die Works, Inc. Star Tool & Die Works, Inc. USA
Stelco Stelco Canada
Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. Taylor-Winfield Technologies, Inc. USA
Tebulo Industrial Robotics Tebulo Industrial Robotics Canada
TecCoat LLC TecCoat LLC USA
Teck Metals Ltd. Teck Metals Ltd. Canada