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Galvanizers Association founded in 1936 is a worldwide organization with nearly 150 member companies.  Members are producers of continuous galvanizing of iron, or steel sheet, or pipe and their suppliers.  Their meetings provides a forum for discussion of topics pertaining to general galvanizing problems in order to advance the quality of galvanized products, thereby increasing public acceptance.

Governing Board and Executive Committee

Governing Board

Governing Board Chairman, Michael Conlon - I/N Kote

Program Chairman, Gabriel Cervellini - Ternium Siderar

Mark Chrislip - Double G Coatings Company, L.P

Steve Slesinski - Nucor Steel - Berkeley

Donald Earley - AM/NS CALVERT

Erwin Lakia - Worthington Steel - Delta

Matthew McCosby - United States Steel

Tom Minor - Spartan Steel Coating


Executive Committee

Past Chairman - Active Member Company

Brian Lester - Gregory Industries, Inc.

Richard Nester - Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.

Rene Garza - Ternium - Mexico

Julie Matics - Steel Dynamics - The Techs

Jeff Stechschulte - PRO-TEC Coating Company

Sam Moore - Double G Coatings Company, L.P.

Ed Silva - United States Steel

Paul Janavicius - AK Steel Corporation

John Wray - California Steel Industries, Inc.

Wayne Bontempo - NLMK - Pennsylvania

Dennis Pishney - Steel Dynamics - The Techs

David Brandau - AK Steel - Dearborn

Joyce Niedringhaus - AK Steel Corporation


Christopher Nevison - Executive Director

Kayliegh McEachren - Secretary / Treasurer