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Galvanizers Association founded in 1936 is a worldwide organization with nearly 150 member companies.  Members are producers of continuous galvanizing of iron, or steel sheet, or pipe and their suppliers.  Their meetings provides a forum for discussion of topics pertaining to general galvanizing problems in order to advance the quality of galvanized products, thereby increasing public acceptance.

Join the Galvanizers Association

For membership in the Galvanizers Association, a company must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Bylaws (Article III, Sec.1-3).  To be considered for membership, please submit, on company letterhead, a formal request to become either an Associate or Active member.  In this letter please briefly state the nature of your business, and any other pertinent information which will further define your company.

Currently, annual Member Company membership dues (covers all individuals in the Member Company) are as follows:

$500.00 USD - Active Members

$375.00 USD - Associate Members