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Galvanizers Association founded in 1936 is a worldwide organization with nearly 150 member companies.  Members are producers of continuous galvanizing of iron, or steel sheet, or pipe and their suppliers.  Their meetings provides a forum for discussion of topics pertaining to general galvanizing problems in order to advance the quality of galvanized products, thereby increasing public acceptance.

Honorary Members of the Galvanizers Association

C. E. Armfield

James Brinsky

W. E. Buck

John F. Butler

T. P. Caine

F. Caudill

Ken G. Coburn

O.U. Cook

Wilbur H. Cramblet

Scott E. Daily

R. H. Dibble

Louis W. Diehl

Gerald Doctor

Robert A. Ewing

B. P. Finkbone

R. O. Fisher

Norm Gagne

E. V. Gent

Joe Gimigliano

Carter H. Gray

James L. Griffin

Stuart F. Hogue

Walter S. Jablonski

Louis F. Jaqucki

Ralph Leonard

Art G. Linke

Theron A. Loveland

E. F. Lundeen

Mac MacKinnon

Robert S. Moriarty

George D. Myers

Kasimir Oganowski

Edward F. Paul

Everett F. Peyton

Marvin B. Pierson

Robert L. Plotz

Al. F. Prust

James A. Ridge

Edward F. Rogers

Ramadeva Shastry

Ed Shimoji

J. L. Shueler

William C. Sievert

Russell C. Solomon

George A. Stein

Robert J. Stoker

A. H. Ward

Fred Werner

F. G. White

P. J. Whitley