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Producers of galvanized steel sheet or pipe

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Company NameCompany Website URLCountry
Company NameCompany Website URLCountry
Teck Metals Ltd. Teck Metals Ltd. Canada
ArcelorMittal - Windsor ArcelorMittal Canada
North American Höganäs Co. North American Höganäs Co. United States
Hoffmann Filter Corporation Hoffmann Filter Corporation USA
AD Coil Coating Technologies B.V. AD Coil Coating Technologies B.V. The Netherlands
Enduro Composites Enduro Composites
Gregory Industries Gregory Industries USA
INDUGA GmbH & Co. KG INDUGA GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Ember World Travel
WS Thermal Process Technology, Inc. WS Thermal Process Technology, Inc. USA
Atlantech Process Technology, Inc Atlantech Process Technology, Inc USA
Hannecard Roller Coatings/ASB Industries Hannecard Roller Coatings/ASB Industries USA
Cleveland-Cliffs Tek & Kote Cleveland-Cliffs Tek & Kote USA
Lamiflex Lamiflex USA
BASF Chemetall BASF Chemetall USA
Fitch Metals Engineering Fitch Metals Engineering Australia
U.S. Steel Corp. - Great Lakes U.S. Steel Corporation USA
Ritchey Metals Company Ritchey Metals Company USA
Alloy Engineering Alloy Engineering USA
Steelscape, Inc. Steelscape, Inc. USA
McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies USA
Coil Coating technologies B.V.
GFG Peabody, Inc. GFG Peabody, Inc. USA
Butech Bliss
Smart Steel Technologies Inc. Smart Steel Technologies Inc.
Steel Dynamics - The Techs Steel Dynamics - The Techs USA
Schenk Vision Schenk Vision USA
Maryland Brush Company Maryland Brush Company USA
Mil-Spec Metal Finishing Inc. Mil-Spec Metal Finishing Inc. USA
Itipack Systems Itipack Systems CA
Pesmel Pesmel USA
John Cockerill Industry John Cockerill Industry USA
Hy-Dac Rubber Manufacturing Co. HY-DAC USA
Nucor Steel - Berkeley Nucor Steel USA
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific Germany
North American Cronite North American Cronite USA
TecCoat LLC TecCoat LLC USA
Cleveland Cliffs - Dearborn Works Cleveland Cliffs- Dearborn Works USA
U.S. Steel Corporation - Research United States Steel Corporation USA
Spooner Industries Spooner Industries England
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation USA
Cleveland Cliffs Steel LLC ArcelorMittal USA
U.S. Steel - Kosice, s.r.o. U.S. Steel Slovakia
ADS Machinery Corp. ADS Machinery Corp. USA
Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc. Cincinnati Thermal Spray, Inc. USA
AMEPA America Inc. AMEPA America Inc. USA
Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc Nachi Robotic Systems, Inc USA
IMS Systems Inc. IMS Systems Inc. USA
Pro-Tec Coating Company Pro-Tec Coating Company USA
Spartan Steel Coating Spartan Steel Coating USA
Ternium Argentina S.A. Ternium Argentina Argentina
Nucor JFE Steel - Mexico Nucor JFE Steel - Mexico Mexico
Ternium – Mexico Ternium Mexico Mexico
Quaker Houghton Quaker Houghton USA
Vail Rubber Works, Inc. Vail Rubber Works, Inc. USA
AIST Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) USA