Dale CH Nevison Award Recipients of the Galvanizers Association

Each year, the Galvanizers Association may present an award to the person in the galvanizing or related field who has made a significant contribution to the interest of this Corporation and the industry it represents. The Dale CH Nevison Award is awarded by the Association to the individuals that demonstrate the excellence Dale aspired to for the Galvanizers Association and the industry.

Year Recipient
2018 J.R. McDermid
2015 R. G. Wilhelm, Jr.
2014 E. A. Silva
2013 J. Davis
2010 T. R. Gregory
2009 F. E. Goodwin
2008 W. J. Farmerie
2006 L. L. Parkinson
2004 R. Montgomery
2002 E. A. Cook, Jr.
2000 M. Dubois
1997 N. Gagne
1995 D. C. H. Nevison
1994 N. Ross
1992 G. Van Asperen
1990 J. H. King
1986 A. R. Borzillo
1984 W. E. Schnitgen
1982 A. G. Linke
1981 M. B. Pierson
1979 L. E. Gage
1978 D. O. Gittings
1975 S. L. Norteman
1974 R. C. Solomon
1969 J. L. Collins
1965 J. T. Mayhew
1963 J. L. Kimberley
1962 F. P. Beachum
1959 A. H. Ward
1958 K. Oganowski
1955 E. F. Lundeen
1954 B. P. Finkbone
1953 E. V. Gent
1952 F. G. White
1951 N. E. Cook
1950 T. Sendzimir