Outstanding Author Award Recipients of the Galvanizers Association

Year Article Recipient
2018 High performance Zn Sink Roll Bearing Case Study Andrew Grasley - I/N Kote
2018 Properties of a novel air knife design JR McDermid - McMaster University
2016 Evaluating Manufacturing Quality of Coating Line Furnace Rolls DJ Cadotte - AK Steel
2016 Composition and Processing of Third Generation Steels using CGL Compatible Thermal Cycles JR McDermid - McMaster University
2015 Online Measurement Systems Installed on CGL5 after Commissioning Period Werner Maschek, Andreas Kogler, Tobias Ritt, & Harry Zolles - Voestalpine Stahl GmbH
2015 Air Knife Wiping Distance and Strip Stability Measurement Owen Pearcey - Hatch IAS
2014 Using the IMPOC for Mechanical Property Process Control Dan Hoffman - AK Steel-Dearborn Works
2014 Modelling and Measurement of Novel Air Knife Designs J. McDermid, S. Alibeigi, and S. Ziada - McMaster University, and F. Goodwin. IZA
2013 Innovative Fluidic Damper Implementation in HDG2 Horizontal Furnace Jorge Solanes & Gabriel Cervellini - Ternium Siderar, Ludovic Ferrand & Arnaud Ceccotti � CMI Industry
2013 Improvements in Cooling Technology Nick Lagios - Drever International USA, Michel Renard, Edgar Dosogne, Jean-Pierre Crutzen & Jean-Marc Raick - Drever International S.A.
2012 Improved Properties of Galvannealed Dual Phase 980 Matthew McCosby & Ed Silva, US Steel
2012 Strip Vibration at the Pot...Causes and Investigations Michel Dubois, CMI
2011 Application of Resilience Engineering to Safety Management at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's Galvanizing Lines James A. Ridge, ArcelorMittal - Dofasco
2011 DUMAgaslock Sink Rolls with Rolling Bearings for High-Performance Galvanizing Lines Peter de Kock, Roland Jabs, Guido Borrmann, Axel Hissen, DUMA GmbH, Germany
2010 Insect Control at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's DSG Automotive Exposed Galvanizing Line Kevin Wig, ArcelorMittal - Dofasco
2010 Novel Mildly Akaline Non-Chrome Thin Organic Coating Thomas Smith II, Brian Bammel, John Comoford, Gregory Donaldson, John McGee, John Zimmerman, Henkel Corporation
2009 Electromagnetic Strip Stabilization Application results at ArcelorMittal - Columbus Wayne Bontempo, Larry Crawford, Glen Wickenden, ArcelorMittal - Columbus
2009 A Breakthrough in Intense Cooling Technologies: Non-Oxidant Process Based on Alkane Phase Change Patrick Dubois, L. Ferrand, Diala Abdo, M. Brunet, CMI Thermline; Denis Ciodic, Maroun Nemer, Maria Zoghaib, Centre Energetique et Procedes, Mines Paristech, France
2008 Furnace Atmosphere Monitoring at AK Steel Coating Lines J. Niedringhaus, R, Comstock, L. Garza, AK Steel Corporation
2008 Noise Generated by Wiping Air Knifes in Hot-Dip Galvanizing D. Arthurs, S. Ziada, McMaster University, and F. Goodwin, IZA
2007 USS Fairfield Works DualLine Galvalume Sink Roll Scraper Project Erin Sapp, US Steel Fairfield Works and Mike Hickman, East Ohio Machinery Co.
2007 Eco Pickled Surface: An Advantageous Alternative to Conventional Acid Pickling Kevin Voges, The Material Works, Ltd.
2006 Strip Shape and Temper Rolling in Galvanize Lines Steve Hesling, Metal Process Solutions
2006 Sink Roll Alloys and Coatings, and Dross Print-Through Control E.A. Silva, US Steel Research, and C.E. Dewey, K. Okamoto, E.E. Franks, PRO-TEC Coating Company
2005 Electromagnetic Strip Stabilizer for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines Olof Sjoden, Mat Malander, Peter Lofgren, Jon-Erik Eriksson, Patrick Hanley, ABB Inc., and Hans Sollander, SSAB Turnplat AB
2005 Cleanliness Enhancement of the Bath Surface Within a CGL Snout Craig Phillips, Neil Staples, Corus Group UK and Mark Bright , Metaullics Systems
2004 On-Line Chemical Analysis of CGL Baths Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Martin Gagne and E. Baril, Falconbridge Ltd., L. St-Onge & M. Sabsabi, National Research Council - Canada, & J. Lucas
2004 Ispat Inland's Experience with Ceramic SERs in Horizontal Galvanize Line Tim McCrea, G. Gabbert, J. Dolinar and R. Patil, Ispat Island Inc.
2003 Application of Wedge Pyrometers for Strip Temperature Measurement in Vertical Annealing Furnaces Jason Schultz, James Ridge and Randell Urquhart, Dofasco Inc.
2003 Coil Winding in Galvanizing Lines Steve Hesling, IAS Inc.
2002 How to Produce Galvalum and Galvanized using a Pot in a Pot Method in an Induction Coreless Pot Oscar Acuna, Galvak S.A. de C.V.
2002 The New Continuous Vertical Galvanizing Line Technology Rolf Brisberger, SMS DEMAG AG
2001 Effective Chromate Application - An Innovative Roll Coating Solution Karl Herman, Eric Almquest and Casey Hendrix, 3M
2001 Active Control of Sheet Motion for a Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line Stuart Shelley and Thomas Sharp, Steel Dynamics
2000 New Hot Dip Coated High Strength and Ultra Formable Steels Ed Silva, US Steel
2000 A Statistical Analysis of Coating Weight Measurements Richard Corson, Corson Manufacturing Consultants
1999 Air Floatation Coolers...A users perspective Jim Renes, Spooner Technology
1999 Pro-Tec Coating Co. Warehouse expansion and upgrade project Al Hueve, Pro-Tec Coating Co.
1998 Analysis Of Zinc Melt For Aluminum, Iron And Dross Intermetallics C.R. Shastry & J.J Galka, Bethlehem Steel Corp.
1998 Investigating Fluid Flow In Continuous Galvanizing Baths Using Numerical Modeling Martin Gagne & Michael Guag, Noranda Metallurgy, Inc.
1997 Air Knives Preparation: A Key to Successful Performance Diego Migliorino, Siderar S.A.I.C.
1997 High Frequency Galvannealing With a Doorless Inductor Ed Rylicki and Allen White, Inductoheat Inc.
1996 Aluminum Distribution in a CGL Bath Graeme Anderson and Nai-Yong Tang, Cominco Limited
1996 Upgrading and Optimization of Optical Pyrometers at Dofasco's #2 CGL. James Ridge, Dofasco
1995 An Innovative Method of Recycling Alkali Cleaning Baths for Cost Reduction and Quality Enhancement Richard Bowering, Stelco Steel and Brooke Stratton, Steltech Ltd.
1995 Use of Siphons to Control Coating Mass at Strip Edges Larry Caldwell and Jim Forand, Global 3T, Ltd.
1994 Reline of #5 Line Galvanneal Furnace Weirton Steel Corporation Brian Lester, Wierton Steel Corporation
1994 High Performance Coating Weight control for Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines Richard Corson, ABB Industrial Systems
1993 HDG at Pro-Tec Coating Co. Pat Finan, Pro-Tec Coating Company
1993 Microstructural Evolution During the Formation of a Galvanneal Coating. A. Simard, Ecole Polytechnique
1992 Maintaining Recyclability of Galvanized Scrap Robert Muhlhan, LTV Steel Company
1992 Water Modelling of a Continuous Galvanizing Bath Martin Gagne, Noranda Sales Corp., Ltd.
1991 The Production of Formable Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet John F. Butler, LTV Steel Company
1991 Formability/Microstructure Relationships of Galvanneal Coatings Jacques L'Ecuyer, Noranda Sales Corp., Ltd.
1990 Pipe and Tube Galvanizing Today Burkhard Brock, LOECO
1990 Strip Shape Measurement and Control at Inlands Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines Y. Bilimoria, Inland Steel Co.
1990 On-Line Measurement of Binary Metal Coatings on Metallic Substrates Roland M. Gouel, Data Measurement Corp.
1989 lnstallation and Operation of a Modern In-Line Skim Pass Unit in Armco Ashland Works #3 Coating Line Gerald Barney, Armco Inc.
1989 The Solubility of Iron in Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Baths Serge Belisle, Noranda Sales Corp., Ltd.
1988 Modernization of No. 3 Galvanize Line at Inland Steel Company Brian L. Wagner, Inland Steel Co.
1988 Heat Reclamation Burners Applied to Continuous Galvanneal Furnace James D. Bowers, North American Mfg. Co.
1987 Modernization of Inland Steel Company's #5 Hot Dip Galvanize Line Ram Patil, Inland Steel Co.
1987 lnduction Heating for Galvannealing Nicholas Ross, Ajax Magnethermic Corp.
1986 Spangle Size Control on Galvanize Product T. Slack, D. Reed and E. MacKinnon, Stelco Inc.
1985 The Formability of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steels Wayne Granzow, Armco Inc.
1982 Relationship Between Surface Composition, Steel Mill Processing and Paint Pretreatment of Galvanized Strip Dr. Farrell M. Kilbane, Armco Inc.
1981 Problems Associated with the Electrophoretic Deposition of Paint on Galvanized Steels L. L. Franks and G. W. Froman, Inland Steel Co.
1980 ZlNCGRlP 0.S. and ZINCGRIP ULTRASMOOTH Galvanized Steels for Exposed Automotive Body Panels D. S. Mitch, Armco, Inc.
1979 Flux Line Fume Control Practices R. C. Van Fossan and H. J. Imblum, Republic Steel Corp.
1978 ZlNCGRlP O.S. Armco's One-Side Galvanized Steel A. F. Gibson, H. F. Graff and M. B. Pierson, Armco. Inc.
1977 Thermal and Metallurgical Optimization of a Continuous Galvanizing Process E.A.Mizikar and E.A. Upton, J & L Steel Corp.
1976 Surface Composition of Hot Dip Galvanized P. L. Conduti, L. L. Franks and D. E. Smith, Inland Steel Co.
1974 & 1975 Metallurgy of the Galvannealing Walter Batz, E. F. Paul and Howard Smith, J & L Steel Corp.
1973 GALVALUME-Bethlehem's New Aluminum-Zinc Coated Sheet Steel A. R. Borzillo, L. B. Caldwell, J. J. Connolly and L. P. Pellatiro, Bethlehem Steel Corp.
1972 The Influence of In-Line Temper Rolling and Stretch Leveling on the Properties of Galvanized Steel Strip M. B. Pierson, Armco Inc.
1971 Some Important Factors in the Design and Operation of a Furnace for Continuous Galvanizing M. B. Pierson, Armco Inc.
1970 The Development of Air Coating Control for Continuous Strip Galvanizing D. J. Beam, J. J. Butler, Jr. and J. C. Hawkins, J & L Steel Corp.
1969 Properties of Galvanized Sheet Made from Continuously Cast Slabs John M. Sheehan and Orville P. Berns, U.S. Steel Corp.
1968 Continuous Cast Silicon Killed Steel for Pipe Galvanizing J. L. Hubbard, Laclede Steel
1967 The Galvanizing of Steel W. C. Sievert and L. M. Bernick, Inland Steel Co.
1966 Five-Year Test Results: AISI Research Project on Paintability of Galvanized Steel Joseph Bigos, U. S. Steel Corp., H. H. Greene, Republic Steel Corp. and G. R. Hoover, Armco Inc.
1965 Versatility of Weirton's New Coating Technique I. D. Carson, Weirton Steel Corp.
1964 Operational Maintenance of Sendzimir Galvanizing Lines at Dofasco Arthur G. Linke, Dominion Foundries & Steel Co. Ltd.
1963 Edge Rusting of Coated Steels Frank J. Cole, Republic Steel Corp.
1962 Developments in the Manufacture of Galvanized Sheets for Deep Drawing Applications C. W. Beattie and Eli Komnenovich, Armco Inc.