Author’s Guidelines for Presenters at the Galvanizers Association Conference

This author’s guide is provided to help you prepare for your upcoming presentation at the Galvanizers Association Conference.



Important dates to remember

March 31, 2024 Abstract due

Submit an abstract of your proposed paper / presentation to the Galvanizers Association by emailing, in pdf format, to  Limit the title to less than 8 words; list Author(s), first author is the presenter and main GA contact.  Include presenter (first author) contact information including email and phone number.  Without proper contact information we will not be able to consider your abstract. Upload your the abstract in .pdf or .ppt format and include objective, methods, results and conclusions. The program committee will select from those abstracts submitted to determine the papers to be presented.  Presenters will be notified by May 10th. Your session chairman’s contact details will be included in the email sent to you if your paper is accepted by the program committee.

July 8, 2024 Speaker Biography due

Upon notification of acceptance for presentation of your abstract please complete the Speaker Biography form located on the GA website under the header 2024 Meeting / Presentation Information / Speaker Biography  no later than July 8th.  This will be used to introduce you at the session.

July 8, 2024  Draft Manuscript due

Email draft copy of manuscript for the proceedings and a copy of the preliminary PowerPoint presentation to be presented to your session chairman for review. Your session chairman will return the draft copy of your manuscript to you within two weeks of receipt with any comments or suggestions.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in cancellation of the presentation from the conference technical program and from the published proceedings. 

August 9, 2024  Final Manuscript and PowerPoint Presentation

  1. After final approval by the session chairman, instructions will be sent to upload the final manuscript.  The manuscript will be published on the Galvanizers Association website under Proceedings in October.  Failure to provide a publishable manuscript prior to the August 9th deadline will result in cancellation of the oral presentation at the Conference.
  2. In addition, by August 11th, email the final PowerPoint presentation to your session chairman. This will be the version used for the conference.  No updates will be accepted from this point forward.  It is the presenters’ responsibility to verify that the session chairman has received the PowerPoint presentation by the due date.  Failure to provide your session chairman a final PowerPoint presentation prior to the deadline will result in cancellation of the oral presentation at the Conference.

NO changes are allowed after submission of the PowerPoint presentation.  NO changes will be permitted at the meeting.  Please do not ask for your presentation to be the exception as the request will be respectfully denied.  Please reread this statement.


All speakers are required to register for the full conference.


Following these guidelines will assure a well-received presentation and professional proceedings:

Special Note on Corporate Logos and Commercialism

Overt or blatant commercialism in oral presentations and published manuscripts is forbidden and seriously damages audience acceptance of technical presentations.  Corporate logo may appear on the first and last slide only.  Use of corporate logos on all slides is an example of overt/blatant commercialism.  Comparison of competitor’s products or processes should be referenced generically and  must not be able to be identified in either the oral presentation or manuscript text.  For example: “product A versus product B”.

Guidelines for oral presentation

The presenter should be listed as the first author on the paper and must be the individual to present the work at the meeting,

There is no number limitation on slides.  Suggested guidelines for slide numbers are below.

Only PowerPoint presentations will be accepted.  The Session Chairman will assist any presenter who is not familiar with PowerPoint prior to the presentation.

  • Title (1 slide)
  • Authors (1 slide)
  • Background (1-3 slides)
  • Method (1-6 slides)
  • Results (1-3 slides)
  • Conclusion (1 slide)

Presentations will be given in large session rooms.  When preparing your visuals, ask yourself this question – Will the people seated in the back rows be able to see or read this?  It is important that your slides be clear and legible.  Remember……..

Presentation times


Presentations in the General Session will run approximately 25 minutes each, including questions.

Speaker Prep

All General Session speakers are required to attend the speakers prep ½ hr before your scheduled session in the meeting room.  During this time you will meet with your designated session chairman to go over important details for the session and obtain last minute instructions.  Your attendance ensures that all parties are informed and that the technical session/program will run smoothly.

Guidelines for manuscript preparation

  1. The size of your document should be 8 ½″ x 11″. The preferred font is 12 point Times New Roman. The text should be single spaced and occupy an area of 6 ½″ x  9 ½″, with left margin being 1 ¼″ and right margin being ¾″, top margin being 1″ and bottom margin being ½″.
  2. Photographs, drawings, graphs and any other illustrations must not occupy an area greater than the 6 ½” x 9 ½” field. All must be appropriately identified with figure or table numbers and titles.
  3. Page numbering must be centered above your header on each page. Header to be located centered within the field area given.
  4. Page 1 is the cover page, indicating the paper title, author(s), and company affiliations(s).
  5. Page 2 contains the abstract, headed by the paper title, the name of the author(s), and the word “abstract”, followed by the abstract text.
  6. Page 3 is the first page of the paper text, headed by the title and the name of the author(s).