Governing Board and Executive Committee

2021/2022 Governing Board

Governing Board Chairman:
Steve Slesinski - Nucor Steel - Berkeley

Program Chairman:
Matthew McCosby - United States Steel


Tom Minor - Spartan Coating

Phil Shawk - Gregory Industries

Frances Bleich - Cleveland-Cliffs

Andrew Grasley - Cleveland-Cliffs Tek & Kote

Julie Matics - Steel Dynamics-The Techs

Kevin Siebeneck - United States Steel


Executive Committee

Past Chairman - Active Member Company

Brian Lester - Gregory Industries, Inc

Rene Garza - Ternium-Mexico

Jeff Stechschulte - Pro-Tec Coating Company

Ed Silva - Pro-Tec Coating Company

Paul Janavicius - Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Corporation

Michael Conlon - Cleveland-Cliffs Tek & Kote

Gabriel Cervellini - Ternium Argentina

Mark Chrislip - Double G Coatings Company,L.P.

Julie Matics - Steel Dynamics - The Techs


Christopher Nevison - Executive Director

Christa Sokolitz - Administrator