Frequently Asked Questions and Terminology

Councilman Roles  

One Councilman is assigned per Company Location.  This Councilman will be the only delegate from the Company with a “Login” allowing him/her to download past Annual Meeting Proceedings and pay Annual Dues.

The Councilman’s responsibilities are:

  • Maintain Corporate Profile
  • Pay Annual Dues
  • Retain access to Proceedings

If you are unsure of your Company Councilman, please  Click here to email.

To update the Councilman Information, please  Click here to email.


A Delegate is used to define anyone attending the Annual Conference.  The Delegate can be from a Member or Non-Member Company.  The Delegate is an individual, while the Member is the Company registered with Galvanizers Association.

Active Member

An Active Member refers to any Steel Company who is part of Galvanizers Association and current in annual membership dues.

Associate Member

An Associate Member refers to any Supplier Company who is part of Galvanizers Association and current in annual membership dues.

How do I pay dues?

It is the Councilman’s responsibility to pay annual dues and maintain membership status.  If you are unsure of your Company’s Councilman or need to update Councilman information please  Click here to email.

Dues need to be paid annually in February.

How do I get a Login?

Only Councilmen are provided a login.  The login will allow the Councilmen to download past Proceedings.  You may contact your Councilman to obtain a copy of past Proceedings.

How do I access current and past Proceedings?

A link to download the Proceedings will be furnished to all Delegates during the Annual Conference.

What if my Company is not a member of Galvanizers Association?

You may complete an Application to join Galvanizers Association by clicking here.  Corporate Membership Application

You may also attend the Annual Conference as a guest at the Non-Member rate.